Calendaring for Academic Success & School/Life Balance


Many incoming students report their concern over successfully managing a college workload and balancing their time between academic, social, family, and work commitments.

This calendaring activity helps students get control of their time by offering them guided practice in breaking assignments into smaller pieces, estimating how long each of those pieces might take to complete, and planning a realistic schedule of working sessions to complete their work and stay on track for the semester.

Workshop Plan

  • Current challenges
  • Task Interpretation and Backwards Planning
  • Finding and using course calendars
  • Sample month-at-a-glance/week-at-a-glance calendars
  • Sharing and improving use of calendaring tools

Learning Outcomes

After participating in this workshop, students should:

  • Know how to locate their course calendar/schedule
  • Know how to locate more detailed information about readings and assignments
  • Know what “backwards planning” is
  • Know some basics about task analysis to break an assignment down into smaller learning activities
  • Know how to use backward planning and task analysis to plan an appropriate number of study/homework sessions to complete each assignment
  • Know why it’s important to revisit and revise plans during a project
  • Know why reflection after a project is essential to future academic success


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